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Thank you for choosing Olinda Spring Water for your spring water supply. We are delighted to provide you with quality spring water and exceptional customer service. Before your first delivery, please kindly read the terms and conditions for our cooler hire.

1. OWNERSHIP OF EQUIPMENT: Ownership of all the equipment is retained
by Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd. Equipment consists of Refrigerated Spring
water Dispensers, 15Litre Returnable bottles, bottle racks and cup

2. USAGE OF EQUIPMENT: The customer will use the equipment and Spring
Water for business, personal, domestic or household purposes.
All Spring Water Dispensers shall be used for the sole purpose of
dispensing Spring Water supplied by Olinda Spring Water P/L.
– All equipment must be placed and operated in a safe and sensible
– All bottles cannot be used for any other liquid other than the Spring
Water supplied by Olinda Spring Water P/L.

3. RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT: All Spring water Dispensers are for rental
purposes only and remain the property of Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd.
The standard is 12 months and automatically continues on each
anniversary date of the Agreement, unless specified otherwise.

4. PAYMENT OF EQUIPMENT: An invoice will be sent on your anniversary
date for the subsequent 12 months of hire. If the invoice is not paid and
the cooler not returned to Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd, the replacement
cost of $310 (including GST) will be charged.

5. MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT: The Customer shall maintain the
equipment in a clean and hygienic condition; ensure all necessary care is
taken to protect the equipment.

6. GENERAL REPAIRS OF EQUIPMENT: Olinda Spring Water P/L will
undertake general repairs and replacements of equipment which has
been installed and operated according to the Usage of Equipment.


7. DAMAGE OF EQUIPMENT: The customer shall be responsible for the cost
of replacement(s) or repair(s) of the equipment caused as a result of
unusual fair wear and tear, tampering or alteration of the mechanical
parts, negligence, misuse, fire, theft, loss or damage.
Lost, damaged & contaminated Bottles will be charged at $15.00 each –
including GST. Cooler replacement charge will be $310 (Including GST).

8. CANCELLATION OF EQUIPMENT: The equipment rental continues until
you “the customer” serves one month’s written notice to Olinda Spring
Water P/L have the right to terminate this agreement and to remove the
equipment on the occurrence of any of the following events:
– the customer fails to abide by the terms and conditions of this
– the customer commits an act of bankruptcy, becomes bankrupt or
is unable to pay its debts;
–  the customer goes into liquidation;
–  the customer ceased to carry on business.

9. COLLECTION OF EQUIPMENT: At the expiration, termination or
cancellation of this Agreement, Olinda Spring Water P/L shall have the
right to enter premises where the equipment is located and remove the
equipment without any prior notice being given to the customer and
Olinda Spring Water P/L shall not be held liable for any trespass, damage
or otherwise. The customer must pay to Olinda Spring Water P/L all
outstanding fees. Any remaining equipment rental will not be refunded if
the Agreement is cancelled by the customer before the due expiry date.

10.GST ON EQUIPMENT: All equipment is subject to GST except water. There
is NO GST charged on Spring Water.

11.LOCATION OF EQUIPMENT: Olinda Spring Water recommends that
equipment NOT be placed directly on timber flooring, if the customer
places equipment on timber flooring any damage to the flooring is at the
customer’s liability