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We understand that the need for ordering spring water varies from a residential home, to an office or a building worksite. Let us provide a tailored spring water solution for your needs. We have a flexible delivery system to enable you to order on consumption or automate your deliveries to a suitable frequency.

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We structure our weekly deliveries around five zones and being a carbon neutral spring water distributor, carbon minimisation is also a primary focus. Ask our friendly team about how often we visit your suburb by emailing or by calling 1300780218.

We service Melbourne and the greater Metropolitan suburbs. Interstate partners are also used for national contracts only. To enquire about national contract, please email our team

Delivery is free of charge and there are no surcharges or penalties. Keep in mind, if you order our returnable 15litre bottles, these bottles are owned by Olinda Spring Water. We do not charge a bond for use, we just require them to be returned undamaged after use. If you cannot return the 15litre spring water bottles undamaged after use, then we do charge a replacement fee (wholesale price) of $15 per bottle.

We will endeavor to deliver your water the same week, depending on your location. If you have run out of water please let the office know and we will place you on the emergency list to attempt an earlier delivery than your regular delivery day.

Send us a floor plan of your venue and we can advise you on where the water stations should be and how many water stations you will need.

The water coolers weigh 12 – 18 kgs and are portable. If you would like the water chilled or heated then you would need to situate the water cooler near a power outlet.

We generally recommend for you to consume the spring water within 6 – 8 weeks from delivery.

We can provide you with a water cooler dispenser on a short-term basis.

The office water cooler should be kept out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can encourage algae growth. If this is not possible, we do offer a water bottle cover to block the sun and keep the water bottle safe.

We can suggest the three or six bottle rack to help with storage, or we can deliver more regularly. 

Our Spring Water comes from the Yarra Ranges and is one of the purest natural sources of Spring Water anywhere in the world.

Different filters remove different amounts of impurities. Very few will remove fluoride and depending on the quality of the filter, they will remove only a percentage of the contaminants. Most domestic filtration systems will not produce the same quality water as Olinda Spring Water.

We don’t stock single use plastics therefore we have the BioCup and paper cups. See our product range.

Olinda Spring Water is one of the few suppliers of spring water to own their own source within close proximity to Melbourne, and therefore we are able to provide the lowest prices in the industry.

There are no contracts required with Olinda Spring Water.

We note a purchase order number for each delivery. The delivery address is noted on each invoice.

Our usual terms are 14 days however we can work in with your business’ payment cycle. We invoice electronically and immediately after delivery.

On average an estimate of 1 litre per person per day. Hotter months may increase this average to 1.5 litres per person per day.

This depends on the environment in which the cooler is situated. On average every 3 to 6 months.

We can provide you with a free dispenser for the period of your existing contract so that you can make the change without it costing you extra.

Yes, we can. some customers require a cup dispenser on each side of the water cooler and we provide these free of charge. You will need to request the cup dispenser if required.

Yes, we can provide you with the certificate of currency upon request.

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