Black Benchtop Ceramic Well

Purchase Price $57.95
(includes 1 FREE 15 litre returnable spring water bottle)

The ceramic well is the best selling water dispenser option for our residential customers. It's easy to use, clean and sits neatly on your benchtop.  

  1. How do I assemble my benchtop ceramic well?
This is by far our most popular benchtop dispenser for residential customers. The benchtop ceramic well comes in a box, ready for you to assemble. Thoroughly wash all parts before constructing your ceramic well. You should receive the ceramic well, spike which sits on top, 1 x white tap, 1 x washer already in the position to be on the OUTSIDE of the ceramic well and one nut for tightening which should be tightened from the inside.   See this youtube video on how to assemble the benchtop ceramic well. Please note the only difference is that your ceramic well has one washer which should be placed on the outside of the ceramic well. We recommend holding the tap at 10 o'clock rather than 12 o'clock for one last tighten at the end, hold the nut on the inside, then rotate the tap from 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock.  
  1. How does the 15Litre Spring Water Bottle sit on the dispenser?
The blue disposable cap that comes with the 15 litre Returnable Spring Water Bottles are designed to be pierced by the spike that sits on top of your benchtop ceramic well. Leave the cap on the bottle and place the bottle on top of your ceramic well, the weight of the bottle should pierce the cap naturally if you have aligned the spike with the centre of the blue cap.  
  1. How often should I clean the benchtop ceramic well?
You should monitor the ceramic well each time you exchange the 15 Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottles. You may find that a quick clean between each use is the best way to monitor the cleanliness of the ceramic well, particularly on the inside of the ceramic well. The youtube link above, shows you how to disassemble and reassemble so you can clean each component. The ceramic well is dishwasher friendly.  
  1. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
We also provide a 14 day money back guarantee. If within the first 14 days after delivery you have found the dispenser or spring water does not meet your needs, contact us for a free pick up and we will refund your money in full once we have receipted the return.    


You will need an additional 200mm height to insert the bottle freely.
  • 260mm
  • 260mm
  • 570mm

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