Commonfolk Coffee Beans (1Kg) - Godfather Espresso Blend

Taste like ~ CARAMEL | NUTS | MILK CHOCOLATE $57.00 (Inc GST)
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COMMONFOLK Born under the light of the southern cross in the backstreets of Mornington's industrial estate, Commonfolk have been living the dream since twenty thirteen. There's something in the salty sea breeze blowing in off Port Phillip Bay that just makes the coffee taste better. We might not be the most orthodox bunch but we're as good at turning green coffee brown as Paul Kelly is making gravy. Commonfolk works with the best coffee producers in the world. We choose to work with seasonal, organic and ethically traded coffee. We focus on crafting unique and delightful blends that cater to every palate and support the producers who put in the hard work. We love working with and supporting the same farmers every season to deliver a wide range of delicious and interesting coffees. GODFATHER ESPRESSO BLEND A modern take on the coffee your dad used to drink. Ethically sourced high grade arabica that tastes like caramel, nuts and milk chocolate. Roasted to promote the development of a smooth sweetness but with enough boldness and cut through to really thrive in milk. Taste like ~ CARAMEL | NUTS | MILK CHOCOLATE Brew Ratio 1:1.75 Dose 24g Yield 42-48g Time 30-33s THE CUP THAT COUNTS The Commonfolk Coffee Company is more than just great coffee. It’s also about fair coffee. The vast majority of coffee is produced in developing countries. Global market forces can drive coffee prices so low that the cost of production often exceeds the price farmers are offered for their beans. This is why wherever possible Commonfolk develops ethical and sustainable trade relationships with farmers. We have relationships with farms in a number of coffee producing nations and aim to guarantee that every cup we sell is traceable and ethical. We also established The Cup That Counts, an initiative aimed at establishing a sustainable specialty coffee industry in Uganda. We work alongside Zukuka Bora Coffee Company to purchase land for coffee production, invest in processing equipment, distribute coffee seedlings, provide training for local farmers, and offer a global network of coffee buyers for the green coffee. Every cup of Commonfolk coffee contributes 20c to The Cup That Counts.

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