White tap - for dispensing spring water from 15L returnable bottles.

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(Additional freight charges apply if this item is ordered as a stand alone order and not in conjunction with a spring water order)

How do I secure the white tap to each 15 Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottle? When attaching the white tap to the 15 Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottle, take the blue disposable cap off the 15Litre Spring Water Bottle (look for the tap on the side and in one motion peel around and lift up). Thoroughly clean the white tap before use. Place the white tap on the spout of the bottle, push down until you hear a click. Once you have heard the click, place one hand securely on the top of the tap holding it so that it doesn't rotate and with your other hand, rotate the loose nut on the bottom of the white tap clockwise until it is tight. Over tiles or a surface that can get wet, lift the bottle and place horizontal to check for leaks. There shouldn't be leaks if the tap was secured on the bottle correctly. If there are leaks you may need to adjust the tap either up or down on the neck and re-tighten until it is just right. The bottle should now be ready to dispense.  

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