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1. What’s in the Water?

Ask for a mineral analysis, because the purer the water quality, the better. You can find our report here


2. Are the bottles 100% BPA free?

We are the only company not using Polycarbonate bottles, which have a plastic hardener (BPA) that is a hormone disruptor.


3. Are there any chemicals used in the sterilisation process?

Our process uses ultraviolet, which does not leave any residue. Silver Ion is commonly used in the industry, which you consume with the water.


4. How are the bottles delivered?

We deliver in fully enclosed trucks, keeping the bottles away from sun exposure and air pollutants. If bottles are subject to sunlight, BPA is released into the spring water from Polycarbonate bottles and the air impurities coat the bottles and end up in the water dispensers.


5. Are they Carbon Neutral Accredited?

We deliver water to your door, with a zero Carbon footprint.