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Our processes, from the source through to the customer, focus on delivering you the purest spring water in Melbourne, using the lowest water KMs in the industry.

Source to Bottle Process

  • 1. Spring Water Source

    Our spring water source is located in a sustainable Ground Water Management Area.

  • 2. Source to bottling plant - lowest water Kms in industry.

    Our close proximity to Melbourne results in Olinda Spring Water having the lowest WATER KILOMETRES in the Industry, delivering from the source to the customer.

  • 3. Raw water storage

    We replicate our spring water's natural form by continuously moving the spring water within our tanks.

  • 4. Bottle management

    We use exclusively PET bottles which are 100% recycled in Australia and BPA Free.

    On average each of our bottles will deliver 900 litres of spring water in its lifetime before being recycled. This eliminates one thousand five hundred (600ml) single use plastic bottles from the environment

  • 5. Bottle filling

    There is a six-step process of cleaning our bottles before they are filled and capped. Bottles go through an automatic process of pre-washing, washing, rinsing, sanitising, 2nd rinse, filling and capping, ready for delivery.

    Ultraviolet is used to sterilise our spring water from any natural microbes that may be found in the raw spring water. We use UV as it replicates natures sterilisation process.

  • 6. Delivery to customers

    We structure our deliveries to minimise our carbon emissions and therefore zone Melbourne Metropolitan Areas into designated days.

    The cargo beds of our trucks are fully enclosed by roller doors, meaning your bottles are not exposed to sunlight, the harsh fumes of motor vehicles and sheltered from dirt and rain.

Analysis of the mineral content of Olinda Spring Water vs industry average

Olinda Spring Water Industry average
Chloride 11 mg/l < 100 mg/l
Calcium <0.1 mg/l < 40 mg/l
Magnesium 0.4 mg/l < 40 mg/l
Potassium 0.3 mg/l < 30 mg/l
Sodium 6.9 mg/l < 50 mg/l

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