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We offer our residential customers a hassle-free delivery of Melbourne's purest spring water. Direct from the source to you, with the lowest water kilometres, in BPA free bottles.

Olinda Spring Water service the Melbourne Metropolitan Area with the purest natural spring water. From the source directly to your home. Every spring has its own identity due to its surrounding rock. Olinda Spring Water flows through granite, which is an inert rock, resulting in a soft tasting, low mineral content spring water. As you would imagine spring water to be, it flows underground until it emerges from a natural spring as opposed to being pumped up from a still Artesian confined aquifer. We continue this movement in our spring water right up until bottling. The result is that Olinda Spring Water is one of the closest bottled spring water on the market that resembles naturally flowing spring water. A “living” water.

Our easy ordering system allows our customers the freedom to continue their daily routine without the hassle of waiting for business hours to order, or for their delivery to arrive. We have set up an easy automated service for customers who would like their empty bottles replaced on a routine basis. If a is not for you, you can simply order as you consume. No contracts or delivery fees. Easy.

A lifestyle choice, taste the difference.

We provide one of the purest sources of living water. The spring is unique as it flows through the Granite rock resulting in a soft tasting, low mineral content spring water. Low in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

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There is no denying, most of us do not drink our daily intake of water per day. What does help, is great tasting water. To promote healthy choices, a good reminder is to start from home. With families it’s providing your children with healthy options. Olinda Spring Water is a natural alternative and a sugar free option.

Many may argue that taste and overall quality of town water is a reason not to drink straight from your tap. Tap water is required to go through a disinfection process prior to consumption. Local water authorities use settling, coagulation, filtering and disinfecting to ensure the safety of drinking water. Also, using a disinfectant stops the re-growth of microorganisms as the water travels through pipe systems (including some lead and asbestos pipes) to your home. Safe drinking water requires additives that you can often smell or taste, such as chlorine, a disinfectant used by Australian water suppliers.
Tap water can contain many impurities, both natural and artificial. Some are harmless, or only affect what the water looks, tastes or smells like. Some chemicals (such as chlorine and fluoride) are added to your water in the treatment plant. There are ongoing discussions over potential health risks as a result of this.

Olinda for Quality. Environmental and health benefits.

Water consumption does have an impact on our environment, the single-use plastic bottle is one of the highest contributors to our current plastic crisis.

Not only is drinking spring water a lifestyle choice, it also an environmentally conscious choice. The single-use plastic bottle causes a huge impact on the environment and causes unnecessary ecological damage. One of our 15-litre bottles would deliver 900 litres of spring water to homes around Melbourne before it is recycled. That would equate to 1500 x 600ml plastic bottles. Unlike most companies in this industry who use polycarbonate bottles, which at present need to be shipped overseas for recycling, we use exclusively PET bottles which are 100% recycled in Australia. We source our spring water from a sustainable single source in Olinda, which is less than 40km’s from Melbourne CBD. Olinda does not fall under any Ground Water Management Areas currently established to monitor overuse of ground water. Most spring water that is delivered in Melbourne is sourced 100-200km away (North and West of Melbourne), then trucked to the bottling plant, bottled and delivered around Melbourne or country Victoria. Our close proximity to Melbourne enables us to have the lowest water kilometres in the Industry, in delivering spring water from the source to our customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers generally leave us delivery instructions when they are not home. We then leave the bottles where instructed and in a secure place.

We generally recommend for you to consume the spring water within 6 weeks from delivery.

We can offer a three or six bottle storage rack (see our product range). We generally deliver fortnightly, three weekly or monthly for residential customers.

If your usual delivery falls on a public holiday, we will make your delivery the next business day.

Two bottles is our minimum order with free delivery.

We have many customers that live in apartment blocks and we customise the delivery to suit your building and security requirements.

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Analysis of the mineral content of Olinda Spring Water vs industry average

Olinda Spring Water Industry average
Chloride 12 mg/l < 100 mg/l
Calcium 1.6 mg/l < 40 mg/l
Magnesium 1.6 mg/l < 40 mg/l
Potassium 0.9 mg/l < 30 mg/l
Sodium 7.7 mg/l < 50 mg/l

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