Cold & Room Temperature (Twin Tap) freestanding water cooler dispenser

$120.00 Inc GST
Rental $120 charged per year - Delivery to Melbourne Metropolitan Suburbs Only

Please note, our stock of rental coolers on hand include Glacier and B26 models. We unfortunately do not take requests for colour or model preference, as we distribute the coolers based on FIFO method. We stock white and black coolers only. If you would like a specific model and/or colour, please consider purchasing a cooler outright. Afterpay is available for purchases over $200. This start up package includes:

  • 1 x Cold & Room (Twin Tap) Cooler
  • 3 x 15Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottles
  • Free delivery
Tip: Once you have loaded your last spring water bottle on the dispenser, place an online order for your next delivery. On delivery day leave your empty 15litre bottles outside, in the secure place where you would like your full bottles left. Our service is non-contact and designed to be non-disruptive as most customers are not home when we deliver. If you have specific delivery instructions please note them on your order. With apartment buildings and multi story residential premises, keep in mind we deliver to a ground floor location only. We track the returned empty bottles, if they are unreturned/ lost we charge a replacement fee of $15 per bottle.
Rental Terms and Conditions
  1. Ownership of Equipment: If you opt to hire/lease/rent equipment from Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd, ownership of all the equipment is retained by Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd. Equipment consists of spring water dispensers, 15Litre returnable bottles, bottle racks and cup holders.
  2. Rental period: We offer annual rental on our equipment (12 months) and if you return the equipment before your 12 month anniversary, there is no refund or apportionment of the previously invoiced and paid fee.
  3. Usage of Equipment: The customer will use the equipment and spring water for business, personal, domestic or household purposes.
    • All spring water dispensers shall be used for the sole purpose of dispensing Spring Water supplied by Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd.
    • All equipment must be placed and operated in a safe and sensible manner.
    • All 15Litre returnable bottles cannot be used for any other liquid other than the spring water supplied by Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd.
  4. Payment of leased equipment:  An invoice will be sent on your anniversary date for the subsequent 12 months of hire. If the invoice is not paid and the cooler not returned to Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd within our terms of payment, the replacement cost of $310 (including GST) will be invoiced.
  5. Maintenance of the equipment: The Customer shall maintain the equipment in a clean and hygienic condition; ensure all necessary care is taken to protect the equipment. Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd will offer one complimentary clean per annum of the dispenser. The customer will need to book in this service with our sales team.
  6. Damage of equipment: The customer shall be responsible for the cost of replacement(s) or repair(s) of the equipment caused as a result of unusual wear and tear, tampering or alteration of the mechanical parts, negligence, misuse, fire, theft, loss or damage.
    - Lost, damaged & contaminated 15Litre bottles will be charged at $15.00 each – including GST.
  7. The replacement fee for the cooler is $310 (Including GST).
  8. Cancellation of rental agreement: The equipment rental continues until you “the customer” provides one week written notice to cancel. Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd have the right to terminate this agreement and to remove the equipment on the occurrence of any of the following events:
    • the customer fails to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement;
    • the customer commits an act of bankruptcy, becomes bankrupt or is unable to pay its debts;
    • the customer goes into liquidation;
    • the customer ceased to carry on business.
  9. Collection of equipment: At the expiration, termination or cancellation of this Agreement, Olinda Spring Water Pty Ltd shall have the right to enter premises where the equipment is located and remove the equipment without any prior notice being given to the customer and Olinda Spring Water P/L shall not be held liable for any trespass, damage or otherwise. The customer must pay to Olinda Spring Water P/L all outstanding fees. Any remaining equipment rental will not be refunded if the Agreement is cancelled by the customer before the due expiry date.
  10. GST on equipment: All equipment is subject to GST except spring water. There is NO GST charged on spring water.
  11. Location of equipment: Olinda Spring Water recommends that equipment NOT be placed directly on timber flooring and carpet, if the customer places equipment on timber flooring any damage to the flooring is at the customer liability. The dispenser should also be placed away from sunlight as this will facilitate algae growth (as our spring water is chemical free).
Order and delivery instructions:
  • At the point of bottling the spring water is charged with the same level of oxygen as it was in the aquifer and this reduces with time because the cap of the 15litre bottle is not a hermetic seal. We therefore recommend that the spring water is consumed within 8 weeks.
  • Please place your online order before COB (Close of Business) the day before your delivery day.
  • Empty bottles should be left out before 8am the morning of your delivery.
  • We provide a contactless service.
  • For apartment buildings with secured access, please make arrangements with our team to setup delivery notes for our drivers.
  • We do not offer refunds once the 15 Litre Spring Water bottles have been delivered, please order the correct quantity.
Care instructions for our returnable 15 litre bottles:
  • The empty bottles are returnable to Olinda Spring Water and for each delivery we take note of the quantity returned.
  • After consumption of the spring water, please do not rinse or reuse the bottles.
  • Any temperature above 55 degrees will deform the bottle as it has no BPA additive.
  • When leaving the empty bottles out for exchange/ pick up, please keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat.
  • If you notice the bottle is damaged in any way, please leave a note on the bottle for our attention.
  • If you’ve accidentally damaged, lost or unreturned a bottle there is a replacement fee of $15 per bottle (this is the cost for us to replace the bottle).
  • Empty bottles are picked up when deliveries are made (as part of our carbon neutral program).
  • If you are no longer using our service, we do pick up the bottles free of charge (please email to arrange a date of pick up)


  • The newest addition to our range of coolers, boasting the high level of quality and reliability.
  • COLD TANK: 3.6 litre hygienic type 304 stainless steel for superior chilling. The highly polished surface is easy to clean and maintain.
  • C A B I N E T: Gloss black colour. The top and front panels are moulded UV treated ABS. The side panels are made from zinc coated steel sheets covered in polymer polyester resin.TAPS: NSF Approved durable polypropylene self-closing design. Fully recessed, lever type for fast flow. Optional hygienic push taps also available.
  • REFRIGERATION: Gas R134A. The refrigerant flow is controlled by a capillary tube which has no moving parts. The compressor is hermetically sealed with an automatic overload protector. Lubricant is not needed.
  • ELECTRICAL: Certificate number 160793. 220v 50hz single phase. A 1.5 metre power cord is supplied. Full load current is 1.2 amps.
  • CONDENSER: Quietly operating, air cooled static type with no moving parts.
  • PERFORMANCE Tap 1 Approx. 4-10°C Tap 2 Room Temperature


  • 330mm
  • 330mm
  • 1000mm
  • 18kg

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