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We are excited to help, guide and work with you to deliver the best spring water solution for your event.

Hydrating your guests just became that easy. We can assist you with our portable water dispensers (water stations). Our water dispensers are a popular choice, mains pressure con

The eco-friendly alternative.

Servicing your event with water stations opposed to 350/600ml bottles provide an eco-friendly option for your upcoming event.

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The single use plastic bottle causes a huge impact on the environment and causes unnecessary ecological damage. Our preferred choice is our 15 litre spring water bottle. One of our 15 litre bottles would deliver 900 litres of spring water to events around Melbourne before it is recycled. That would equate to 1500 x 600ml plastic bottles. Unlike most companies in this industry who use polycarbonate bottles, which at present need to be shipped overseas for recycling, we use exclusively PET bottles which are 100% recycled in Australia. We provide a range of cups including biodegradable. We source our spring water from a sustainable single source in Olinda which is less than 40km’s from Melbourne CBD. Olinda does not fall under any Ground Water Management Areas currently established to monitor overuse of ground water. Most spring water that is delivered in Melbourne is sourced 100-200km away (North and West of Melbourne), then trucked to the bottling plant, bottled and delivered around Melbourne or country Victoria. Our close proximity to Melbourne, enables us to have the lowest water kilometres in the Industry, in delivering spring water from the source to our customer.

Premium spring water at your service.

Tell us about your ideas and we can share ours.

We understand the need to create an experience that is seemless and well thought out. We will customise our spring water solution to tailor your needs and the needs of your guests. Send us some information about your upcoming event and we can provide you with a recommendation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Send us a floor plan of your venue and we can advise you on where the water stations should be and how many water stations you will need.

Yes, we can. some customers require a cup dispenser on each side of the water cooler and we provide these free of charge. You will need to request the cup dispenser if required.

We don’t stock single use plastics therefore we have the BioCup and paper cups. See our product range.

The water coolers weigh 12 – 18 kgs and are portable. If you would like the water chilled or heated then you would need to situate the water cooler near a power outlet.

We will endeavor to deliver your water the same week, depending on your location. If you have run out of water please let the office know and we will place you on the emergency list to attempt an earlier delivery than your regular delivery day.

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Analysis of the mineral content of Olinda Spring Water vs industry average

Olinda Spring Water Industry average
Chloride 12 mg/l < 100 mg/l
Calcium 1.6 mg/l < 40 mg/l
Magnesium 1.6 mg/l < 40 mg/l
Potassium 0.9 mg/l < 30 mg/l
Sodium 7.7 mg/l < 50 mg/l

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