Black cradle (with white tap) + 3 x 15Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottles

Purchase Price $85.00 Inc GST
Price includes delivery to Melbourne Metro Suburbs

If you are new to the spring water delivery service, not to worry, we have answered our most frequently asked questions.   This start up package includes:

  • 1 x Black Cradle with white dispensing tap
  • 3 x 15Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottles
  • Free delivery
Tip: Once you have loaded your last spring water bottle on the dispenser, place an online order for your next delivery. On delivery day leave your empty 15litre bottles outside, in the secure place where you would like your full bottles left. Our service is non-contact and designed to be non-disruptive as most customers are not home when we deliver. If you have specific delivery instructions please note them on your order. With apartment buildings and multi story residential premises, keep in mind we deliver to a ground floor location only. We track the returned empty bottles, if they are unreturned/ lost we charge a replacement fee of $15 per bottle.  
  1. How do I secure the white tap to each 15 Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottle?
The Black Cradle comes assembled. When attaching the white tap to the 15 Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottle, take the blue disposable cap off the 15Litre Spring Water Bottle. Thoroughly clean the white tap before use. Place the white tap on the spout of the bottle, push down until you hear a click. Once you have heard the click, place one hand securely on the top of the tap holding it so that it doesn't rotate and with your other hand, rotate the loose nut on the bottom of the white tap clockwise until it is tight. Over tiles or a surface that can get wet, lift the bottle and place horizontal to check for leaks. There shouldn't be leaks if the tap was secured on the bottle correctly. If there are leaks you may need to adjust the tap either up or down on the neck and re-tighten until it is just right. The bottle should now be ready to place on your cradle.
  1. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
We also provide a 14 day money back guarantee. If within the first 14 days after delivery you have found the dispenser or spring water does not meet your needs, contact us for a free pick up and we will refund your money in full once we have receipted the return.  
Order and delivery instructions:
  • At the point of bottling the spring water is charged with the same level of oxygen as it was in the aquifer and this reduces with time because the cap of the 15litre bottle is not a hermetic seal. We therefore recommend that the spring water is consumed within 8 weeks.
  • Please place your online order before COB (Close of Business) the day before your delivery day.
  • Empty bottles should be left out before 8am the morning of your delivery.
  • We provide a contactless service.
  • For apartment buildings with secured access, please make arrangements with our team to setup delivery notes for our drivers.
  • We do not offer refunds once the 15 Litre Spring Water bottles have been delivered, please order the correct quantity.
Care instructions for our returnable 15 litre bottles:
  • The empty bottles are returnable to Olinda Spring Water and for each delivery we take note of the quantity returned.
  • After consumption of the spring water, please do not rinse or reuse the bottles.
  • Any temperature above 55 degrees will deform the bottle as it has no BPA additive.
  • When leaving the empty bottles out for exchange/ pick up, please keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat.
  • If you notice the bottle is damaged in any way, please leave a note on the bottle for our attention.
  • If you’ve accidentally damaged, lost or unreturned a bottle there is a replacement fee of $15 per bottle (this is the cost for us to replace the bottle).
  • Empty bottles are picked up when deliveries are made (as part of our carbon neutral program).
  • If you are no longer using our service, we do pick up the bottles free of charge (please email to arrange a date of pick up)


You will need an additional 200mm height to insert the bottle freely.
  • 30mm
  • 44mm
  • 60mm

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