Hot & Cold Temperature (twin tap) freestanding water cooler dispenser

$99.00 Inc GST
Rental $99 charged per year

This start up package includes:

  • 1 x Hot and Cold (Twin Tap) Cooler
  • 3 x 15Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottles
  • Free delivery
Tip: Please ensure you have run spring water through the cooler (make sure it comes out of the hot tap) before you turn the heating element switch on. Once you have loaded your last spring water bottle on the dispenser, place an online order for your next delivery. On delivery day leave your empty 15litre bottles outside, in the secure place where you would like your full bottles left. Our service is non-contact and designed to be non-disruptive as most customers are not home when we deliver. If you have specific delivery instructions please note them on your order. With apartment buildings and multi story residential premises, keep in mind we deliver to a ground floor location only. We track the returned empty bottles, if they are unreturned/ lost we charge a replacement fee of $11 per bottle.


  • Renowned for reliability, longevity and value for money
  • Hot tap features a childsafe mechanism (fitted to Hot and Cold units only)
  • 3.5 litres reservior capacity
  • The Glacier cabinet is completely rust proof and designed for easy cleaning
  • Heating performance, 6 litres per hour @ 88˚C
  • Mains Pressure conversion kit available


  • 320mm
  • 320mm
  • 990mm
  • 12.7kg

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